Biltmore Holdings, LLC
24 Fitness, Carlsbad, CA
This 90,000 SF build to suit was sold upon completion for $29,900,000 with an all in cost of $20,150,000  Challenges to this project included extreme soil conditions and a polluted creek.  We remediated the creek, built a public walkway and bike path and funded a preservation trust in perpetuity.  This remediation serves as a model  for future projects in California.   
Mesa Financial Center, Meas AZ
This 311,000SF class "A"  tower was acquired for $33,000,000 and sold for $39,000,000 after a 30 month hold.  
One Eleven Monroe. Phoenix, AZ
This 19 story property along with a vacant lot was bought for $20,000,000.  After a $5,500,000 renovation the building was sold 12 months after purchase for $40,000,000 and the lot for $12,000,000.  We renovated the exterior skin and all common area and replaced the cooling tower built into the 19th floor with a small exchanger in the parking garage connected to an in street chilled water system provided by a subsidiary of APS.  We gained full use of the 19th floor with spectacular 14 foot floor to ceiling windows and eliminated the need for a building engineer.
Phelps Dodge Building, Phoenix, AZ
This 323,600 SF tower was  acquired through a note purchase and subsequent deed in lieu of foreclosure for $30,500,000 and sold two years later for $40,000,000.  Elevator cabs and lobby totally renovated from cash flow while maintaining 13% cash flow by increasing rents 65%.
The Arbors, Flagstaff, AZ
We acquired this 315 unit community for $19,000,000 to convert to condos.  We replaced kitchens and appliances updated the exterior and competed all deffered maintenance.  85 units remain unsold.  We have paid off debt and returned invested equity. The unsold units are being rented until the market strengthens 
Oceanview Center, San Diego, CA
This is an 88,000SF industrial condo project costing $13,700,000 to develop.  we have 16,000 SF remaining and are leaseing until the sale market recovers.
Bryman School,  , AZ
This was the first "brown field" remediaiton done in the City of Phoenix.  We purchased the property for $2,000,000 and spent nearly $1,000,000 on remediation and building improvements.  The two buildings totaling 132,792 SF were leased up and sold for $7,500,00 in two separate transactions.
Corporate Fountains, Tempe, AZ
Consisting of three buildings totaling 107,952 SF, this project was purchased for $11,350,000 and after seven years of strong cash flow averaging 18% was sold for $16,300,000
Country Wide Building, Tempe, AZ
This 150,000 SF building was purchased for $11,500,000 with 20% occupancy.  the HVAC system and other repairs cost us $38,700.  The property was then leased to Country Wide and sold for $25,000,000 12 months after purchase.
University Park, Tempe, AZ
This 64,000 SF four building project was developed at an all in cost of $5,400,000 and sold to users for a total of $7,680,000 six months after completion.
SEC Bell 101, Scottsdale, AZ
This attractive two story cluster of eight office condominium buildings was developed at an all in cost of $13,440,000 with all units under contract before completion and closed within 2 months for a total of 17,650,000.
SEC Chandler / 101, Chandler, AZ
This was to be a spec office development.  We purchased the land for $23,000,000 and sold it three weeks later for $26,000,000.
McDowell Mountain Executive Park, Scottsdale, AZ
This flex condo space of 85,000 SF was sold out in 11 months.  all in development costs were $8,925,000 and total sales proceeds were $12,328,000.
Elliot Commons, Gilbert, Az
This 147,000 SF industrial condo project was developed in two phases at an all in cost of $13,800,000 and sold out in 13 months at  an aggregate of $17,760,000.
6900 and 6991 E. Camelback, Scottsdale, AZ
Two buildings across the street from each other comprising 276,715 SF.  purchased for $39,000,000 and sold 5 1/2 years later for $54,150,00.  We installed an 11,400 SF restaurant into some abandoned bank teller drive through lanes at a cost of $1,050,000.  The tenant, the Mastro group, paid for their tenant improvements. The rent and common area contributions added $410,000 to the net income.
Maricopa Business Park, Phoenix, AZ
this 10 building multi-tenant industrial development of 212,746 SF was acquired for $ 9,400,000 and sold 19 months later for $11,675,000.
Riverside I and II, Tempe, AZ
Two identical buildings of 37,640 SF each were developed as office condos for an all in cost of $9,830,00 and all units were sold within 4 months of completion for a total of $$14,120,000.  Phase II was 90,000 SF.  it was given back to the lender in a deed in lieu of foreclosure.
Eldorado Tech, Gilbert, AZ
This 58 acre industrial park was purchased from a lender at $1.80/SF or $4,548,000.  we developed a 184,980 SF spec building to spur sales.  The building cost $15,130,000 all in and was sold in shell condition to a national bank as an emergency back up facility for $19,450,000.  The balance of the land was sold over a 3 1/2 year period for a total of $8,040,000.
La Curvata, Scottsdale, AZ
This condo project included two 51,000 SF office buildings and 75,000 SF of retail.  Before completion all of the retail and 30% of the office space was under letter of intent.  The property was completed in 2008.  All of the interested parties dropped their deals and the property was given back to the lender along with a settlement payment from Biltmore but not it's investors.
ADP Building, SE Valley Portfolio, AZ
62,115 SF

This is part of a 5 property portfolio purchased for $57,000,000 we dubbed South East Valley Portfolio.  In 2010 Biltmore was unable to meet a capital call and lost it's position to the other partners.
Chandler Tech, SE Valley Portfolio, AZ

126,234 SF.
a part of SE Valley Portfolio
Kyrene Commerce, SE Valley Portfolio, AZ

159,821 SF
a part of SE Valley Portfolio
Ocotillo Business, SE Valley Portfolio, AZ

101,1555 SF
a part of South East Valley Portfolio

Tempe Commerce, SE Valley Portfolio, AZ

66,497 SF
a part of SE Valley Portfolio
Riverside Business Ctr, Riverside, CA
This is the finest business service center in Riverside, CA.  This 280,354 SF multi tenant project has enjoyed strong occupancy and rents.  We purchased in 2000 and still hold the property.